Bands To Look For At Today’s Caribbean Carnival In Brooklyn, NY

Published on Sep 03 2017, at 9:54 pm


Dingolay Mas is hitting the Parkway in regal purple today. (Instagram image)

By NAN ET Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Sept. 4, 2017: It’s THE day many Caribbean New York fans of carnival have been waiting for all year – West Indian Labor Day Carnival. The Caribbean Carnival Parade will kick off at Schenectady and Eastern Parkway at 11am and end at Grand Army Plaza by 6 pm. Here are 32 bands to look for at the carnival today according to organizers, West Indian American Day Carnival Association, (WIADCA).

1: Antoine International which will be portraying ‘Caribbean Sickness.’

2: Backyard Republik which will be showcasing ‘Sands of Time – Rulers of Egypt.’

3: Bajan Paradise in Association with Island Paradise which will portray Exotic Treasures The Art of Seduction.

4: Boom Mas which will portray World Treasures.

5: Caribbean Power Jam which will showcase Day 2 Nite.

6: Cocoa Diamond Productions which will portray Alice IN Wonderland.

7: Cocoritehouse Jabjab Productions which will showcase The Obeah In We Act 3 – The Pilgrimage.

8: D’Midas International which will showcase Glitz & Glamour – a Parade of Beauty on Display.

9: Detailz Mas Production will portray HSSSS: SKIN 2 SKIN.

10: Devine Mas is set to showcase “What Ya Drinking.”

11: Dingolay Mas will showcase Morado Royalty  (Purple).

12:  DJ Morrishaw Productions is set to showcase ‘Feel Da Vibes.’

13: Freaks Mas will portray The Forbidden Garden.

14: Gemini Productions will showcase Color Blaz.

15: Greenz United Mas will feature ALOHA.

16: Kaietuer Waves is set to feature Luminosity (The Seduction Of the Art)

17: Kaios International Mas Band/The Promise will showcase Time Machine – Then, Now and Future.

18: Karib Mas is set to showcase Whiteish.

19: Karnival Junkiez will feature The Spirit of Gaia.

20: Mango Tree Productions will showcase Tribes in Splendor.

21: Mas Production Unlimited is set to feature Education in Rhythm & Rhyme.

22:Messiah International will feature BEJEWELED.

23: New Horizon will portray Everyting Beautiful.

24: One Destiny Mas will feature Supernova – The Fire Within.

25: Ramajay Mas INC will showcase Opulence.

26: Rhythm Catcher International will portray Five Elements.

27: RockFam Lame will feature Haitian Folk.

28: Stronjeh Intl. is coming down with Party on the Parkway.

29: Sesame Flyers International Inc. returns with La Vie.

30: Suga Candy Mas will portray Coming to America.

31: Sweet Micky will spotlight of President King & Queens of Haiti and

32: Tropical Fete will portray A Child’s Dreame, A World to Explore.


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