Immigrants Concerned About Their Safety In America Must Choose HER

Published on Nov 03 2016, at 7:01 pm


This sign says it all. Immigrants concerned about their safety must choose HER. (Photo by Robert Daemmrich Photography Inc/Corbis via Getty Images)

By Felicia J. Persaud

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 4, 2016: With just days now before Election Day 2016, November 8th – it has become crystal clear to me as an immigrant and a naturalized U.S. citizen and voter that the choice in this election is not only about the candidate who is best able to serve as a President for all the people right now, but the candidate who can assure I safely continue to live in this country.

Let me be clear – like many immigrants, I have felt the sting of racism on more than one occasion. But I’ve never felt as much fear. Until now!

In this election, because of Donald Trump, I feel enormous fear for the first time in my life as an immigrant in this country.

Fear, because my black skin makes me a target of those who are inflamed and emboldened by Trump’s rhetoric. Those who feel its “their” time to take back the country to when they were in control of those who they felt were less than because of their richer melanin.

Fear because my immigrant looks makes me feel like walking target practice for those who speak openly of “these goddamn immigrants” and these “darkies” taking over the country and their jobs.

I’m so fearful now that I avoid going outside of the city limits of Raleigh, North Carolina and when I do, I look at every White person suspiciously, half expecting them to ask me: “What I’m doing there?”

I don’t stop for gas in these areas and I hurry home as quickly as possible under the light of day and breathe easier, only when I get back to the city lights.

So fearful am I because of the level of hate I feel and see rising in these United States, that I’m tempted to take advantage of the state of North Carolina’s open carry policy – and of course the much touted second amendment right – and learn to shoot and get a gun. Just walk around with it too!

Because that is what the level of hate mongering has triggered – racism, a lack of respect and fear. Of the mostly uneducated, blue color White men Trump has attracted to his side, most say they are voting “for Him” because of what he supports.

That is building a border wall, rounding up and deporting immigrants, banning Muslims, racial stereotyping … I can go on.

This even as a recent Pew report found that a whopping 68 say their candidate has been talking about issues that are “important” to them in this campaign.

This Election Day, every immigrant voter must make the hard decision and vote for HER – not simply because she is the better of the three choices on the ticket for President – but she is the only one who will help preserve a sense of safety and security for immigrants and non-whites in these United States. The alternative is not the option!









The writer is CMO of Hard Beat Communications, which owns the brands News Americas Now, CaribPR Wire and Invest Caribbean Now.




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