10cc still exploring darker side of human nature, pop-style

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Graham Gouldman, co-founder of pop-rock band 10cc, plays at Fairport's Cropredy Convention, in Cropredy, southern EnglandBy Jeremy Gaunt CROPREDY, England (Reuters) – 10cc, the pop-rock band that produced hits such as "I'm Not In Love", "Rubber Bullets" and "The Wall Street Shuffle" in the 1970s, is still bringing fans to their feet with its against-the-grain lyrics about the darker side of life. But don't expect new songs any time soon. Co-founder Graham Gouldman, who has been on the road with a most of the current version of the band since 1999, is acutely aware that the lineup on stage now is not the original band that penned its most popular tracks. …

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