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 A. Cecile Watson

 By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Nov. 5, 2015: Women entrepreneurs from 17 Caribbean nations will be joining their counterparts around the globe this November 19th to celebrate Women Entrepreneurship Day (WED).

“To further cement our pillars and means of delivery we’ve appointed eight regional ambassadors representing the Caribbean, the European Union, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Central and South America,

Middle East & North Africa, Africa, North America, Asia and Oceania to streamline WED globally,” said Wendy Diamond, WED’s founder. “It’s inspiring to see women coming together in such a manner as we look forward to the November 19th celebration at the United Nations and having it live streamed in 144 countries and 111 top universities and colleges worldwide.”

Diamond was inspired to launch WED on a Honduras holiday in 2013, where she spent time with an organization that gives microcredit to locally impoverished women, (

The mission of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) is to celebrate, support, and empower women worldwide. Women’s Entrepreneurship Day will empower the 4 billion women on the planet, bring hope, and help elevate the 250 million girls living in poverty.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is a worldwide movement that carries throughout the year in support of female entrepreneurs on every continent. The defining goal is to empower women and their businesses, as well as gather a think tank of women leaders, which will ultimately create an amplified merged message to expand businesses with social good initiatives in communities locally and globally.

From seminars, to public events, to videos of messages and tips to entrepreneurs and women everywhere, WED 2014 achieved massive success with the participation of 35,000 members and worldwide partners.  2015 is set to be more expansive.

When women are provided economic empowerment, they outspend men on their family’s health, nutrition, and education by threefold; 90% women to 30% men.

The Caribbean regional ambassadors for WED 2015 include A. Cecile Watson, Sandra Baptist (Antigua & Barbuda), Simmone Bowe (Bahamas), Donna Every (Barbados), Danalyn Myvett (Belize), Sachkia Barnes (British Virgin Islands), Tamira La Cruz (Curacao), Virginia Riviere (Dominica), Aine Brathwaite (Grenada), Valrie Grant (Guyana), Sandra Russo (Haiti), Monique Caradine (Puerto Rico), Telojo Onu (St. Kitts & Nevis), Ife Badejo (St. Maarten), Tasheka Haynes (St. Vincent & the Grenadines), Reina Kolf (Suriname) and Georgina Terry (Trinidad & Tobago).

Ms. Watson is WED’s Ambassador for Jamaica and Regional Leader for the Caribbean.

“I am proud to lead and learn from the phenomenal women leaders who have joined as WED Ambassadors in the Caribbean,” said Watson. “Our new friendships and our network are already yielding opportunities for us to collaborate at a regional level, which is truly exciting. We have agreed to harmonize our regional celebrations around a theme of Unite | Ignite | Expedite,” said Watson.  “On November 19th, we will be asserting the impact and relevance of women entrepreneurship in growing our island economies and thus the urgency for intentional policies and strategies to foster and sustain our growth and empowerment.”

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