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 Oliver Gobat
Slain British-born, St. Lucia-based hotelier Oliver Gobat.

News Americas, LONDON, England, Fri. Nov. 21, 2014: A £60,000 reward is being offered by the parents of a British hotelier who was murdered on the Caribbean island of St Lucia in April, according to the Daily Mail.

The badly burnt body of 38-year-old Oliver Gobat was found in the passenger seat of his Range Rover on a remote track a mile from the upmarket Cap Maison hotel he ran in the north of the island. He had been shot twice in the head before the vehicle was torched.

The reward comes as St. Lucia police investigation into the suspected contract killing has seemingly stalled.

Gobat’s parents Theo and Helen Gobat have now launched their own private investigation according to The Times reports.

“Getting justice for Ollie is like pushing water uphill. Unless we get an outside police force in, we face a big challenge,” Mrs. Gobat was quoted as saying. “I’d like to see the evil people who brought this upon Ollie brought to justice, for our sake, for Ollie’s sake and for St Lucia’s sake.”

Oliver Gobat and his family own the Cap Maison hotel in St. Lucia.

Police sources previously stated Oliver Gobat’s death was ‘no ordinary murder’ and it had ‘all the hallmarks of a professional killing.’

Cap Maison, a five-star boutique hotel set in the lush tropical grounds of a former sugar plantation on the northern tip of the island, was created by the Gobats with their three sons Rufus, Adam and Oliver.




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