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News Americas, MEXICO CITY, Nov. 21, 2017: Frank Moreno, Sr. Director Marketing Latin America, Generac, is a big proponent on investing in back-up power.

Moreno says “if you run a company, you should consider the massive benefits from having a backup power system.”

“Not only do you save money, in the long-term, you will keep yourself from worrying and wasting energy,” he added.

If you are considering the possibility of purchasing a generator for your business, please keep in mind the following:

  1. Backup Generators Can Act in a Matter of Seconds. Blackouts and power outages can last for several days when the utility company is experiencing problems of some kind. However, with a backup generator, it will only be a few seconds before the generator starts feeding your company or business.
  2. Prevent Food Decomposition and Loss. Corporate canteens, catering businesses or restaurants could suffer major economic losses if the food that needs to be refrigerated is left without protection when the power goes out.
  3. When the Power Returns, the Transition will be Smooth. Since the equipment (typically) remains in operation for several minutes after the main source of energy has been restored, some problems are avoided, such as the voltage variations that occur when power comes back. Once the network is stable, and the engine has cooled down a bit, the emergency generator shuts down, and is then ready for any new incident.
  4. There will be no Interruptions in your Security System. With an emergency generator that goes live in a matter of seconds, you can rest assured that your company or business will remain protected, thus preventing burglary and looting in the event of a blackout or a natural disaster.
  5. Your Operations will Continue, Even During Long Outages. You can do computer work, presentations, meetings and teleconferences even during long power outages. With a backup generator, you don’t even have to get up from where you are, or to interrupt your activities.
  6. You and your employees will remain Connected to the World at all Times. Forget about being left in isolation, in the event of power failures and natural disasters your telecommunications will not be affected.
  7. You Never Know When Will you Need Backup Power. The electricity supply may be unexpectedly affected for many reasons: harsh climate, trees that fall on the distribution lines, natural disasters or even rodents that bite the wires.
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