News Americas Now News Network is a newswire covering the Americas  – the Caribbean and Latin America and their Diasporas, with syndication on Google News, Apple News, across 21 plus news sites, including on the Caribbean Today in Florida, on Irie Jam radio in NYC and on Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Linked In.

It was founded by Felicia J. Persaud and is owned by Hard Beat Communications, a global media company with over a decade of experience on the Caribbean, Caribbean Diaspora and Latin American markets. The company’s 21 affiliated sites comprise the largest dedicated Caribbean news network covering the Caribbean, Caribbean Diaspora and Latin America news, business, travel, politics and executive interviews.

Travel Writers, Latin American and Caribbean Reporters and LATAM Expert Opinion Leaders are urged to submit their independent travel and news articles and opinions for publication to news@newsamericasnow.com.

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