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News Americas, SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Weds. July 23, 2014: A man who U.S. authorities claim is a high-ranking drug supplier in the Caribbean, has been busted along with nine others in a multi-million-dollar drug trafficking ring in Puerto Rico.

Javier Carrillo and the other 9 co-accused are charged with generating some $127 million in revenue by trafficking Colombian cocaine from the Dutch Caribbean territory of St. Maarten by boat and plane for almost a decade.

The group is also accused of conspiring to transport more than $12 million in cash from Puerto Rico to St. Maarten.

Carrillo and nine of those accused are already in custody.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office also claim the suspects laundered $1.2 million through Puerto Rico’s lottery system with help from a person who would offer them winning lottery tickets before they were claimed.

Officials said some suspects are accused of claiming to have won the lottery more than 27 times.


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