Alcohol Claims 33 Lives In Ecuador

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News Americas, QUITO, Ecuador, Weds. Aug. 3, 2011: Adulterated liquor in Ecuador has claimed 33 lives.

Two weeks ago, 20 people died in the Los Rios province, where barrels of bootleg alcohol containing methanol were found. And since then, Ecuadorean health authorities say another 13 have died.

All had drunk bootleg alcohol during festivities celebrating the local patron saint. The contamination was traced to a wine sold in cartons and labeled only as “Tempting Wine.”
Some 103 people were also treated in Los Rios for symptoms ranging from nausea, abdominal cramps, blurred vision, profuse sweating and loss of consciousness.

Some 28 alcohol containers in Los Rios, some of which contained methanol, a toxic alcohol, were seized as authorities imposed a dry law. USA, LLC