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Thousands lined up on July 10, 2017 to pay last respects to Officer Familia. (Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images)

By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. July 11, 2017: The Caribbean roots New York Police Officer, who was ambushed and murdered in the line of duty in the wee hours of July 5th, will be laid to rest today.

Officer Miosotis Familia, 48, will be laid to rest today following a funeral service at The World Changers Church, a nondenominational congregation in the Bronx, at 2417 Grand Concourse.

Police departments from around the country, as well as Canada, are set to attend the funeral along with top city officials.

Familia, whose family migrated to the US from the Dominican Republic, is the third female officer to die in the line of duty in modern history. She was 12-year veteran of the force and a mother of three and was born in Washington Heights, NY.

Thousands lined up Monday evening at the church to pay respects at a vigil in her honor. Dozens of blue ribbons were tied onto trees, lampposts, guard rails and street signs, for a block in either direction as two officers carried in a massive spray of white roses with the words “Blue Lives Matter” written across it.

Familia was ambushed by Alexander Bonds while sitting inside her NYPD police vehicle in the Bronx within hours of July 4th. Bonds, was killed by responding officers minutes after he fired at Familia.





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