Americans In Cuba

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News Americas, HAVANA, Cuba, Weds. Aug. 17, 2011: A group of 30 Americans are in Cuba as travelers under the new more liberal U.S. travel regulations.

Tom Popper of Insight Cuba, has taken the group which is believed to have obtained licenses under the new regulations, which reinstate rules put in place by President Bill Clinton in 1999.

“Some people are amazed by what they see and astonished by the people and the culture and everything around them,” he told Reuters this week. “And some people feel horrible that getting coffee is a struggle and food stuff is hard (to find) and that there’s two economies and that a doctor has to drive a taxi to supplement his income.”

The new era of “people-to-people” exchanges was approved by the Obama administration in January to “enhance the free flow of information” to Cubans and over the objections of those who favor a continued hard-line against the communist government. USA, LLC