Are Online Casinos Like CasinoSecret Legal in Latin America?

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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Nov. 14, 2019: The popularity of online gambling is growing every year in Latin America. The region is home to over 600 million people connected to the internet and also have the disposable income to enjoy online gambling. Most of the online casinos accept players from Latin America. In this article, we will look at Latin America countries where online casinos like CasinoSecret are legal.


Largely located in the north part of South America, with territories and land in North America, Colombia is a fully-regulated online gambling market. In June 2017, Colombia’s gambling regulatory agency Coljuegos issued the first Colombian online gaming licence. The Colombian government also allows citizens to play on foreign-based gaming websites. Colombia is so liberal in online gambling that Bogota, the country’s capital, welcomes an annual online gambling expo.

Coljuegos issued a decree in November 2017, which authorised RNG casino products, online keno and live casino games. Only licenced online gaming operators are allowed to offer live games in Colombia.


The online gambling industry in the Federative Republic of Brazil is worth more than 265 million dollars, with no signs of slowing down. Lawmakers in Brazil have been making the case to legalise, regulate and tax online gaming. Senator Ciro Nogueira introduced the Legislation to legalise online gambling in July 2014. This legislation will allow online gaming operators to legally offer services to Brazil citizens and pay a 10 per cent tax on revenue.

However, as of now, there is no legislation regarding the Brazilian online gambling market. This means that Brazilians can play at any foreign-based gambling website and enjoy their favourite games without violating the Criminal Convention Act of 1941. There are more than 100 million people in Brazil who are active online players.


Mexico is the fastest-growing online gaming market in Latin America. The country recently laid out laws for online gambling, meaning there is a lot of room for the online gambling market to grow. The arrival of affordable smartphones has provided Mexicans with a more inexpensive way of accessing the internet and the abundance of online gambling options it offers. There is no specific legislation concerning online gambling, meaning that it doesn’t prevent the prosperity of online betting in Mexico. Players can gamble on any foreign-based gambling website without breaking any law.

Dominican Republic

Online casino websites are legal in this country. This means that the Dominican government can even give online casinos a licence to operate in the region. However, locals rely on foreign-based online casinos that accept players from the Dominican Republic. There are no restrictions against Dominicans playing on international online casino websites.

Costa Rica

The Republic of Costa Rica is famous for environmental sustainability, diversified goods and services and a very tolerant style of government. The country is also famous when it comes to the online gambling industry as it has a unique legal environment. The government doesn’t prohibit Costa Ricans from visiting foreign-based online casinos. This has given Costa Ricans access to a wide range of high-quality online gambling websites located around the world.

El Salvador

The law of gambling in El Salvador has not yet addressed online gambling. This means that online betting is not regulated in the country as the law doesn’t prohibit Salvadorians from playing online casino games at offshore casino websites. All the biggest online operators in the world accept players from El Salvador.


Situated in northwestern South America, Ecuador doesn’t have laws that prevent its citizens from accessing foreign online websites. As a result, Ecuadorians are free to play their favourite games on any foreign gambling websites.


There are no regulations addressing gambling in Bolivia, meaning that it’s a free environment. Bolivians are free to visit international online gaming sites and play for real money.


Haitian law takes no stand when it comes to the legal status of online gambling. Residents are free to visit any international online casino they like and play their favourites games. However, not all foreign online sites accept players from this country due to difficulty when it comes to processing payments.


Located in Central America, Guatemala does not have laws that regulate online gambling in the country. This means that Guatemalans are free to enjoy online casino games at numerous foreign online casinos. There are many international online casinos that accept players from Guatemala.


Current gambling laws in Nicaraguan took effect in 2011, but online gambling websites are not regulated. The government does not prohibit players from Nicaragua from placing wagers on online casinos. International online gambling websites also accept players from this country.


The Republic of Panama licenses and regulates online casinos. Since it started issuing licences to online gambling sites in 2002, several websites have been established in the country. Panama issued the first licence in 2003 and the country has stayed in the business ever since. Some Panama online casinos are not safe to play, so it’s always recommended that players should play at foreign online casinos.


Gaming laws in Honduras date back to 1977; they haven’t changed much since. The existing Honduras gaming laws don’t address gambling sites and online casinos. As such, players from Honduras can visit international online casinos and play any game they like. Most of the big foreign casino sites are Spanish-friendly, meaning that they will be glad to process your withdrawals or deposits.


Gambling is legal in Paraguay and the country has relaxed gaming laws. The current gambling laws don’t address online gambling; however, this could change in the future as new gambling laws were submitted to congress. As of now, the government of Paraguay doesn’t prevent its citizens from accessing international online sites to play.


Uruguay permits gambling, but the laws of gambling in the country don’t address online gambling. Residents are free to visit online casino sites headquartered in other countries.


Located in western South America, Peru is a forward jurisdiction for online gambling. Online gambling in this country is fully regulated on a federal level. Players are allowed by the government to play at offshore websites and there are no laws that prohibit its citizens from gambling or betting on any game they prefer. USA, LLC