Voiceover actor and Argentine Dubbing School Director Dany de Alzaga dubs a Korean action movie into neutral Spanish at a studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Friday, Aug. 23, 2013. In a bid to recover part of Argentina’s lost cultural heritage, create more jobs and stir up nationalist pride in an election year, President Cristina Fernandez has decreed that certain broadcast TV shows must be dubbed instead into Argentina’s lyrical brand of Spanish, though stipulating the language must be “neutral” enough for all Latin Americans to understand. The decree gives government regulators until Sept. 15 to implement the law. (AP Photo/Victor R. Caivano)BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — Argentines call popcorn "pochoclo," but you wouldn't know that watching television here, where many shows are made in the U.S. and come dubbed by actors with Mexican or Spanish accents who call it "palomitas."