Argentine leader challenges critics in US

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FILE - In this Aug. 2, 2012 file photo, Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez speaks at an event marking the anniversary of the stock exchange and the final payment on a bond given to people whose savings were confiscated a decade ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As Fernandez addresses the United Nations Tuesday, Sept. 25 and then seminars at Georgetown and Harvard later in the week, she's sure to insist, as she has often in the past, that her forceful management of the economy has made factories rebound, jobs more secure, society more egalitarian and the future brighter than it has been in years. (AP Photo/Eduardo Di Baia, File)President Cristina Fernandez comes to Wall Street and Washington on Monday with a message for critics who say Argentina is headed for economic disaster by refusing to play by the rules of the global financial system: good riddance to the rules.