Bachelet set for return to Chile’s presidency

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People walk past an election poster for Chilean presidential candidate for the New Majority coalition, Michelle Bachelet, in Santiago, on December 13, 2013Chileans vote Sunday for the first time choosing between two women in a presidential runoff widely expected to put socialist Michelle Bachelet back in office. Bachelet's likely comfortable contest with conservative Evelyn Matthei, 60, actually marks the first time across all of Latin America that a presidential runoff takes between two women. "There is a chance Bachelet will get record high support and win with 60 percent of the vote," said Marta Lagos, who heads pollster Latinobarometro Chile. Indeed Bachelet — a pediatrician by training who was Chile's first woman president from 2006-2010 — is likely to draw over 66.3 percent of the vote to Matthei's 33.7, the latest Universidad de Santiago-Ipsos poll found.