Barack Obama Drug “Dealer” & More

“What Should I Serve For Dinner?”

“What Should I Serve For Dinner?”
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 15, 2012: Looks like if you want to have some face time with Barack this month and ask him to comment on my new Commentary the price is rising fast. Good food isn’t cheap folks!

This month it goes from the previous “normal” $38,000 a plate for Dinner with Barack to feed his re-election campaign all the way up to the new price $80,000 a person to have dinner with the President at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house. Don’t complain! You get Sarah Jessica too and her husband Matthew Broderick.

Think about this if you go and Obama goes to the bathroom while he is there. And he might well do so, he’s human isn’t he? And then you go. Well isn’t $80,000 ‘cheap’ to know you have the distinction of having …… ( I won’t say it ) where the President of the United States and Sarah Jessica Parker both have sat. Wow.

Sadly looks like some of you will have to settle for my free Commentary. Let me hope not all. Certainly there are some out there who won’t ‘waste’ (pun) this opportunity to be with Barack.

Before moving on to the real subject of this week’s Commentary let’s not forget to mention Obama’s trip to New York City supposedly to inspect work on the new World Trade Center.

Exactly why?

That is of course is his excuse to use Air Force One and all the other related millions these trips cost at our taxpayer expense – an excuse – so he can then head uptown to Sarah Jessica Parker’s house for today’s big fund raising dinner. Sorry I could not get a copy of the menu for you so use your imagination.

There will be plenty of Baloney served. Even if it looks like lobster and filet mignon, and fine wines.
This brief introduction very nicely leads into the true subject of this week’s Commentary the best meaning worst example yet of Barack Obama’s duplicity, hypocrisy, and worse. The emails that were released this week that prove Obama’s health care legislation was crafted with the full support of Big Pharma otherwise known as the very, very profitable pharmaceutical and medical industries.
The reason we did not get a public option let alone a single payer system nor the ability to buy drugs in Canada legally which are always cheaper, and likewise the new law is the reason believe it or not the govt. can’t negotiate with drug companies to get Americans better prices here for all the drugs they take …

Because the drug and medical industry did not want those provisions. What they did want was a bill that FORCES Americans to buy their private expensive medical insurance policies. A legal requirement like none that has ever been mandated in American history for any reason. Under penalty of law FORCING Americans to buy a private product and that insures ( pun ) these companies big profits. And if you are too poor to pay; if you are very, very poor, Obama will use public taxpayer dollars to pay these private insurance companies for your minimal medical insurance.

Too bad you are not an insurance or drug company.

Label Obama what he is – a Drug Dealer for hire.

The series of emails between The White House and executives and lobbyists in the medical industry makes it crystal clear Obama was working very, very closely with the special interests to insure (sic) they would be very happy with the final bill and they are. So happy, that they promised Obama in the emails they would spend millions on an advertising campaign to convince excuse me con Americans into believing this is a good deal for the rest of us.

Again: 1) no public option, 2) Americans forced to buy private medical insurance at whatever rates the industry offers, 3) illegal to buy drugs in Canada or elsewhere where they are cheaper, 4) no ability of the govt. to negotiate cheaper prices for drugs with big drug companies even though all the drug companies charge more in the U.S. for their products than anywhere else on Earth.

It was and is the drug industry’s idea of a perfect bill. Written by a very cooperative President Obama and his staff. The Drug Industry got change it can believe in and profit from big time! Yes the same President Obama who promised us change we can believe in. He just did not explain who he meant when he said “we.” The same kind of people who will be showing up at Sarah Jessica Parker’s home for $80,000 to have dinner with Barack.
Neither Jessica, Barack or their “guests” worry about health care!

They’re having too much fun at our expense.

That should make you sick!

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.