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By Jeff Blaylock

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Aug. 26, 2020: Looking for the perfect online poker in California or Caribbean poker strategy? You’d better check some true and tried tips to win.  Poker has become one of the most widely played casino games, both at land-based and online gaming platforms. You’ll hardly find a Caribbean casino where this particular table game is not offered to gamblers. Although most people play this just for fun, yet many rational players sit on the deck to enjoy lucrative outcomes.

No matter what’s the intention behind playing poker, you would never like to lose the game at any cost. To increase the chances of a win, you are required to avoid potential mistakes and follow the right strategy. The basics are not so different. You just need to beat the dealer’s hands and win the progressive jackpots.

Are you wondering how to play stud poker? The following tips and tricks can play a critical role in winning the game flawlessly:

Identify the Value of Hands

Knowing the value of hands is a key thing to win a round. Players who have played Poker either online or at land-based casinos must have knowledge about this. Those with little knowledge about the game should get familiar with Full House, Straight, Royal Flush, Straight Flush, One Pair, Two Pairs, Flush, and High Card. Aside from card combinations, you should also know about the payout for every hand.

Figure Out When to Raise or Fold

Initially, you will get 5 cards from the dealer. You will be entitled to raise or fold. Bonus catch is an authentic information source that provides detailed information about gambling games and casinos. You can find detailed info about the poker game and useful playing strategies. You might get a little confused about the terms ‘Raise’ and ‘Fold’. No fuss, Raise means a player wants to return a few cards and exchange with a new set of other cards. On the contrary side, Fold is when a gambler decides to use the same set of initial cards that he was given at the beginning.

Check Hole Card of the Dealer

Knowing about the dealer’s card can help you plan the next step. This is beneficial when it comes to selecting a fold or raise. If you see the dealer’s card is other than Ace or matches your card’s value, then you should go for a raise.

Be Vigilant Regarding Ace King/Queen Cards

Having Ace-King cards offer another wonderful opportunity to raise. However, you have to be very careful while having these cards given the fact that not all Ace-King cards are beneficial. Likewise, watchfully select Queen Cards to boost the chance of getting a royal flush. This can only be achieved through smart playing strategies.

Build a Strong Hand

Building a strong hand is crucial for beating the dealer. Normally, a player with a strong hand should have Cards such as Jack, King, Ace, and Queen. If you are failed to see any of these cards, try to fold your hands. This will help you decrease the chances of losing your bankroll.


Playing Caribbean poker in the right way is not a child’s play. You have to be watchful of the dealer’s hand and pick cards wisely. One wrong move can cause you to lose your money. That’s the reason players should get the perfect knowledge about the tips and tricks that can be proved useful in winning the game.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jeff Blaylock is a casino addict. He has spent years exploring various dimensions of online and land-based gambling. He likes to share his fruitful knowledge for the benefit of other gamblers.

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