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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 14, 2023: Here are the cannabis headlines making marijuana news globally and in the Caribbean and Latin America this week in less than 60 seconds:

The annual 4/20 event at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, also known as Hippie Hill, is set to take place with Erykah Badu as a featured performer.

Germany’s government has proposed a scaled-back plan to liberalize the country’s cannabis rules, which includes decriminalizing possession of limited amounts and allowing nonprofit “cannabis clubs” to buy marijuana for recreational purposes.

The new plan also envisions setting up regional test projects to sell cannabis through “commercial supply chains,” but it differs from the previous proposal presented in October. The revision came after talks with the European Union’s executive commission, as EU law limits Germany’s actions in this area.

A woman from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica has pleaded guilty to charges of possession of ganja. The woman was caught with 10 pounds of ganja in her possession during a police operation.

The Maryland House of Delegates recently passed several bills related to cannabis, including one that would allow medical marijuana patients to purchase firearms. This move came amidst protests on the House floor from Republicans who opposed the bills.

The Texas House of Representatives has passed a bill to allow medical marijuana as an opioid alternative and replace the state’s THC limit. The bill will now be sent to the Senate for consideration.

A recent study has found that young adult cannabis users have alterations in brain connectivity that may lead to cognitive impairments. The researchers analyzed brain scans of young adults who reported using cannabis, compared to those who did not use the drug

A pizzeria owner in Whitehall, New York, is planning to open a dispensary for recreational cannabis in the area. The dispensary is expected to open in 2023, pending approval from the state’s licensing board. The owner aims to provide a safe and regulated way for people to access cannabis.

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