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News Americas, CASTRIES, St. Lucia, Mon. April 17, 2023: Investors seeking a new opportunity for investment in the Caribbean can now take advantage of Saint Lucia’s National Action Bonds (NAB). Introduced following approvals from the CBI Board and the Deputy Prime Minister, the NAB provides investors with the only refundable option available amongst the Caribbean nations offering Citizenship by Investment programs.

With a minimum investment of $300,000, regardless of family size, the NAB is available to both single applicants and families. It is a non-interest-bearing bond that requires investors to hold the investment for a minimum of five years, after which the funds are refunded to the investor.

Previously, the Government Bonds investment option provided a minimum investment amount of $500,000. The NAB offers a similar investment option for applicants, with the added benefit of being refundable.

The NAB is ideal for large families seeking to secure a brighter future in Saint Lucia. Investors can include any number of qualifying dependents on their application, which makes this a perfect opportunity for those with large families.

The NAB offers a unique opportunity for investors to support sustainable development and climate action in Saint Lucia, while also receiving a refund of their investment after the five-year holding period. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new investment opportunity!

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