News Americas, TORONTO, Canada. April 14, 2022: Now you can have your favorite Caribbean food as a topping on your pizza this Easter.

That’s right! Caribbean Slice, run by owners Rhodie Wright and Obi Nwogu, offer toppings like jerk chicken, oxtail, ackee and saltfish, curry chicken, fried plantain, jerk seafood, mango, Bully beef and more on a pizza.

Caribbean Slice opened its doors at 1764 Eglinton Avenue West on March 19 and its grand opening was a massive success. The turnout was so big that the shop had to close the next day, according to an Instagram post. They had no more inventory and needed to prep.

The company says it is the “world’s first Caribbean-infused pizzeria” and it’s “mission is to fuse the world’s most popular pizza with the authentic and super flavorful taste of the Caribbean.”

Prices start at $15.

Wright was born in Dominica and grew up with a grandmother who had a bakery.

Caribbean Slice, run by owners Rhodie Wright and Obi Nwogu, offer toppings like jerk chicken, jerk pepperoni, jerk seafood , and oxtail on their pies in Toronto. April 6, 2022. (Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

“After all the years of eating pizza, I began to wonder why Black people didn’t have a pizza of their own,” he told “A lot of our food is very similar to pizza but they weren’t connected. In Caribbean culture, we eat bread, gravy, sauces, cheese, etcetera. After my wife and I talked about it, I reached out to Obi and we decided to take the leap.”

Nwogu added: “I’m a pizza connoisseur. Even as a little kid watching the old ninja turtles cartoons, I’ve always loved pizza. When Rhodie came to me with the idea, I thought it was great. It hadn’t been done before. I feel like we in the Black community don’t take a lot of chances. For instance, if you look at Eglinton West, you’ll see a lot of the same restaurants side-by-side which I think is ridiculous. So, I saw Rhodie’s vision and immediately started creating it in my mind. We didn’t waste any time getting the ball rolling.”

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