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By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, June 30, 2022: It’s the last day of the 2022 celebration of National Caribbean American Heritage Month. In case you missed it, for the past four weeks, we have focused daily on Caribbean immigrants in US history, who have made a significant impact since slavery.

From Denmark Vesey, a Caribbean immigrant who led the US’ first major slave rebellion, to Alexander Hamilton, Americas first Caribbean born founding father and secretary of the Treasury to Neville Goddard, the premier Caribbean born mindfulness teacher. See them and more in our Latest News Section HERE

The impact of Caribbean immigrants on US history since slavery is proof that Caribbean immigrants did not simply “just get off the boat” and arrive to benefit from hard fought for civil rights, but were distinctly part of the struggle for those rights,’ said NAN Publisher Felicia J. Persaud. “It is why the issue of determining who should benefit from reparations in America in such a tricky one.”

See all 19 of the most prolific and often forgotten Caribbean immigrants in US history in the video below.

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