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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, May, 5, 2022: The Caribbean is seeing a new spike in COVID-19 cases according to Pan American Health Association, PAHO, officials.

According to PAHO, the region reported an over 15 percent increase in new infections, with cases rising in twenty-four of the 34 countries and territories.

Deaths in the Caribbean also increased for the third consecutive week, by almost 40 percent as compared to last week.

Barbados has been on the Caribbean countries battling with rising cases. The country today reported 621 new cases and 2 new deaths as its total number of deaths since the pandemic began reached 401.

The total number of cases is now at 71,748.

Trinidad and Tobago added 555 cases and 5 new deaths as its death toll reached 3,843 and the number of infections passed the 150,000 mark.

Cuba today reported 118 new cases as its total number of cases reached 1,103,606.

Jamaica added 85 new cases in the last two days and 1 new death while the Dominican Republic added 129 cases.

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