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NEWS AMERICAS, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. July 20, 2022: The billionaire founder of an international mobile phone network and home entertainment provider operating in over 33 markets across the Caribbean and Central America has announced a plan to deliver reparations for slavery to Caribbean countries.

Denis O’Brien, the Irish-born founder and chairman of Digicel Group, made the announcement while delivering the keynote address at CANTO 2022 at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami on Tuesday, according to Loop News.

According to O’Brien, the Repair Campaign reparations project will see former European colonizing countries creating an investment funding arrangement for each of the Caribbean countries affected by slavery.

The fund will be used to promote major projects in agriculture, health and education among other sectors over 25 years.

Last year, at a lecture at Cambridge, O’Brien said: “I learned about the world from my parents- the world of justice and injustice.. the world of business and politics and…the world of right and wrong. Not surprisingly I suppose, I developed an interest in history to find out what had happened in the past… and why…history is such a very important subject because it gives everyone – children and adults – a context to the world in which we live and an insight into how events moulded thinking… attitudes…actions…AND prejudice.”

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