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Bob Marley’s grandsons Yohan Marley and Jo Mersa Marley. (Photo Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo)

By NAN ET Editor

News Americas, MIAMI, FL, Thurs. Mar. 24, 2016: Reggae legend Bob Marley’s musical genes continues to be passed down with not his sons and daughters but now his grandsons taking the baton he passed and running with it.

Marley’s grandson, Joseph “Jo Mersa” Marley, the son of the legend’s son Stephen Marley, has released his first song in over a year featuring vocals from his brother Yohan Marley.

He started making beats when he was about 11 and then began focusing on his songwriting and vocal delivery. He released his debut EP ‘Comfortable’ in June 2014 on Ghetto Youths International, which spanned pop, hip hop, EDM and dancehall influences while showcasing his deft vocals, clever songwriting and flourishing production skills.

“Burn It Down” is being dubbed an “unapologetic track for social change and justice.”  The song focuses on the South Carolina church burning and Trayvon Martin’s murder in the United States to the innocent lives of his friends taken by the police in Jamaica.

The Kingston-born singer, 25, will be part of the multi-platinum selling band UB40’s Summer 2016 tour which opens on Juul 27 in Santa Cruz, CA.



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