Bodies Dumped At Mexican Bus Stop

News Americas, ACAPULCO, Mexico, Mon. Oct. 3, 2011: Mexico’s gang violence continues with police saying seven bodies were dumped at a bus stop in the Pacific resort town of Zihuatanejo over the weekend.

The local El Diario de Zihuatanejo newspaper showed signed messages lying near or on top of the bloody, half-naked bodies of seven men, whose feet were tied to a street pole. The messages claimed to be from The Knights Templar, an offshoot of the pseudo-religious La Familia drug cartel.

Guerrero state police said agents found the bodies early yesterday in the beach town, which is popular with both Mexican and U.S. tourists. The dumping comes less than two weeks ago, 35 tortured bodies were dumped onto a main avenue in the Gulf coast seaport of Veracruz.