Brazil Socialists pick new candidate, target Rousseff

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Late Brazilian socialist presidential candidate Eduardo Campos' running mate, Marina Silva, mourns next to his cofin at the Palacio do Campo das Princesas, in Recife, on August 16, 2014Brazil’s Socialist party named popular environmentalist Marina Silva its presidential candidate Wednesday, reshaping the political landscape after her late running mate Eduardo Campos died in a plane crash last week. Campos’s death has radically transformed the outlook for the October vote, possibly setting up Silva, his former vice presidential candidate, to unseat incumbent Dilma Rousseff in a runoff, according to the latest poll. “Our proposals seek a more just, economically prosperous and socially fair, politically democratic and environmentally sustainable Brazil,” added Silva, whose life story is one of astounding personal mobility. Socialist lawmaker Beto Albuquerque was named the party’s new vice presidential candidate.