Britney Spears For Chile

News Americas, SANTIAGO, Chile, Tues. Aug. 9, 2011: Pop star Britney Spears is expanding her act in South America.

The singer is set to perform for the first time in Chile on Nov. 22, organizers said. Her performance is set for the National Stadium in Santiago and will be one stop on a tour promoting her latest album, “Femme Fatale.”

Spears had previously confirmed stops for “Femme Fatale” in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, La Plata, Lima and Bogota, but until now there was some uncertainty about the performance in Santiago.

Tickets for the 90 minutes Chile concert will go on sale on Aug. 14 and will cost between 18,000 pesos (about $39) on the low end and 250,000 pesos (about $540) on the high end.

Spears is expected to perform some 21 songs from all her albums, organizers said.