News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 28, 2022: As Caribbean and Latin American adults get older, it can be frustrating for them to no longer be able to do the things they could when they were younger, including ordinary household things. Fortunately, there are many modifications that can be made in the home that can help them continue to be more independent. Location is also something that needs to be considered in this stage of life more than ever.

Places with climates that support healthy lifestyles like back home in Latin America and the Caribbean are often big draws for this senior community. When you are planning an international move for this next chapter of your life, these necessary changes are worth your consideration. No matter if you are the person who is aging, or you are thinking about a parent, a grandparent or another loved one, the tips below can help seniors feel more comfortable and safer in their own homes.


Ease of mobility can be a big issue for seniors. Even for those who are reasonably active, this is an age when injuries are more likely, and recovery can take longer. Depending on whether the mobility issue is permanent or temporary, there are a number of different alterations that can be made, from residential elevators for seniors to ramps for outside steps to widening doorways so that wheelchairs can get through. Installing an elevator in particular may seem like a surprising solution, but these can be placed in most types of home and can be a great solution for people who need to move between floors.

When spending your latter years in a place that facilitates indoor/outdoor living, mobility will be more important than ever. Locations in the Caribbean offer gorgeous ocean views but what good are they if you cannot get to your patio or balcony to take advantage? Think about how things like in-home elevators and automatic door walls can ensure that you are never missing out on the joys of your chosen home location.


Seniors may have deteriorated vision. In addition, they may be prone to falls. The combination of these two things can be a serious danger, so it is important for them to have good lighting throughout their home. Good lighting is also a quality-of-life issue, making it much easier for them to read or find items. Wireless motion sensors can be a great way to ensure that lights come on as they enter an area without having to fumble for a switch. There are also automatic night lights that can provide lower light at night if brighter ones are likely to affect their ability to fall asleep again. Touch lamps are easy to turn on and off without having to fumble for a switch, which can be difficult for seniors who have arthritis or other issues that cause problems with dexterity.

Voice Activation

While it’s great to have automatic lighting and devices that can be activated with just a touch, nothing beats voice activation when it comes to making many everyday tasks easier for seniors. With voice-activated devices, they might be able to turn a thermostat up or down, make a phone call or search for music or a movie. Smart home devices like voice activated vacuums and mopping systems can be the difference between your Caribbean home being a death trap and being a livable space. Moving from the outdoors, indoors, and back again, can mean slippery tile floors which is not ideal for aging seniors. Consider a voice activated device that can dry your floors at a moment’s notice so that you can feel safe in knowing that you are doing your best to prevent any falls or slips.

Safe Rooms

There are also a number of things you can do on a room-by-room basis to make the home safer in general. This starts with reducing any clutter that a person might trip and fall over as well as throw rugs on wood floors, which can slip underfoot. Obstacles such as cords should also be placed out of the way to run alongside walls. In the bathroom, installing bars in the shower and putting down a non-slip mat may reduce the likelihood of falls. There may be ways to organize the kitchen that make it easier to get to frequently used items for cooking or eating without too much bending and stretching.

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