Can We Change From Mental Slavery To Mental Progress?

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By J. Edward Doway 

News Americas, ST. GEORGE, ANTIGUA, Thurs. July 24, 2014: To the credit of the Black race in the Western Hemisphere, they fight the shortest wars.  Black people have never fought a war that requires foreign military.  There are gang wars and coups, but that does not last for years.

So the only time black people go to war, is when they are fighting a white man’s war. In spite of that, most black people are still living under mental slavery.  Every now and then, in a conversation, you will hear a black person say that black people are their own enemy, their own downfall and that is based on the slave mentality.

Through history book, movies and even dramatic plays, we see how the black man would back stab another black man for recognition by the white man.  So from hundreds of years ago, the black man could not be trusted. And I say black man, because black women have always been smarter than the black man.  Black men have a mentality of divide and conquer, but the division is among the blacks.

As Harriet Tubman said: “I freed a thousand slaves and could have freed more, if only they knew they were slaves.”

One hundred and fifty-one years after slavery was abolished in 1863, within our society and culture, it still does exist. Unfortunately, slavery has a debilitating effect upon the conscious minds of our black men and women, and unless we start recognising and accept that fact, we will always be in the minority. Though, the bodies of many a black person may be free, even within the Caribbean but their minds are still held in captive and that is shown by their behaviour.

Going from black or brown or bronze skin to a bleached skin is a prime example, all in the name of being accepted socially. That tells me that their psychological consciousness is ashamed of their blackness. Lots of black men who are either successful or have wealth are turning to white women as their lifetime partners or wives.

Their reasoning is that their association with these Caucasians guarantees that they get their feet in the doors of large corporations, be recognized by other Caucasians and be the envy of their black counterparts.  That may be so. But let’s face it.  That type of thinking shows that these black men have no confidence in themselves.

In fact, one black brother told me that he owns a string of condominiums and whenever there is a showing, everyone, including other blacks would ignore him and speak to his lighter skin girlfriend, whom they recognize more as the owner. Admittedly, there is some very depressing connotations use daily, such as: blackmail, black as night, black as sin, black magic and black Friday. All seemingly indicating that black is no longer beautiful. Have you ever looked at a very well built black horse? That is considered “Black Beauty”. A black car with curves is extremely beautiful and classy.  So why are blacks believing in Self Hate.

It is time that some Afro Caribbean and Afro Americans and Blacks everywhere stop placing other cultures high above themselves, stop trying to be socially acceptable and build the black race, emulating the successes of true black men and women.

Today, you wonder why there is no unity among blacks, especially In the Caribbean.  It is due to the fact that black people do not like their own, yet they criticize the Caucasians, the Indians, the Chinese and every other nation that is not black.  It is very ironic though, that all those natures are able to work as one.  You take the Caribbean for example, where these non afro nations are able to combine their efforts and their resources to build businesses, purchase in bulk and empower their people.  400 years after the abolishing of slavery, a black person is yet to trust another black person and do business together.

In the Caribbean, I laugh every time I think of the CLICO Investment and the loss that the investors endured.  Most of these individuals and companies are blacks or black operated. Instead of forming consortiums where they could create industries and increase employment, they invested in a foreign entity.  That is the mentality of black folks. I recall when I lived in Florida in the mid 80’s, my boss (who was a Caribbean businessman, married  to a Caucasian woman and operating a business in Florida said to me that its not necessarily the white folks that are racist or prejudice. It was just that the Caucasians and many other nations did not like how most black people behaved and did not want them in their surroundings. They did not trust most black people; they thought that they would eventually turn any decent resident area into a ghetto and that most black people had no pride.  So the hatred really came from a dislike of the unlawful and disrespectful culture.

And to my experience, I remember being stopped on my way to Orlando one weekend, only to find out that the black police man told his white partner that a black man could not own a Silver Corvette with a wood grain interior. True to the fact, the Pink Ticket was in the name of my Boss and he had left it with me while he was away on the weekend.  Police in the Caribbean behave the same way.  That again, a result of envy and the power play. Let’s face it, you hear conversation among black folks, and the “F” word is belched out like it was a “conjunction. Certainly, you have black men and women worldwide who are in high positions on their jobs and trust me, white folks respect a person from any nature, once you are doing a fantastic job.  But blacks are not concentrating enough on having their own businesses and being their own bosses. In fact, most will tell you that they prefer to be employed by someone, even though it means strict working hours, certain restrictions and the fact that you are no longer a free willed person.  Naturally, every black person or Afro cultured person cannot be the owner of a business, but it is the reasoning that you would get that drives me right black to slavery.

They don’t want to (a) borrow from a bank, (b) they prefer to know that they don’t have the responsibility of managing a business and (c) being employed gives them a secured salary.  The other aspect is that fact that they do not believe in wealth, hard earned wealth.  In most cases, their idea of wealth is a nice car, but maybe no home.  And if they do go into real estate, it’s to build apartments to earn quick money. As you think about it and listen to Radio Talk shows, one would realise that most black people complain about the efforts of other blacks, Caucasians and other races, while all they do is voice complains.   Recently, I read a document where it was said that black people in the past and to this day, beat their children or their wives and girlfriends in the same manner that the slave masters had the slaves beaten. A typical black man gets a position at his job, and he suddenly because a slave master, a black slave master, so we know that comes down from generations.

White people have always been considered to be Superior and that was a label passed on to them by black folks, from the time of slavery.  Today, a black man will be ready to kiss the feet of a white man, just to be in their company, regardless to how much you hear of Black Power. Caucasians will hang with you, if they know you are smarter than them or smart. If you are not educated, then if allowed by them, they will use you as a henchman or footstool.  But then, again, politicians do that. Take a look around the Caribbean. All the islands that are well developed and modern either carry a large foreign diaspora or foreign influence. The concepts and ideas would have been introduced in the 70’s when these people from the East and Europe would have visited and decided to set up business. They then created industries, provided jobs and made friends with the locals.  Today, as we get a situation where a foreign investor (white or other) comes into our countries, we feel extremely threatened and start a trail of complains.  No one stopped the local blacks from doing business, but their own mental slavery collectively.

I say collectively, because today, you have to think hundred times before you present a business plan to the banks when seeking a loan. That black banker may just decide to pass on your plan to another brother or sister and deny you the opportunity.  Then it goes up the chain, where some bureaucrat in Government may have the same thought. So your entire process is at risk. But mind you, if a non Negro was to approach any back, he or she would have the minimum processing period and an “approval” within 36 hours, while yours would take 360 days.  It’s all part of the mental slavery.  The words resounded, “I am in charge here, and I have your future at hand. I am the master of your destiny” You are black, remember and I am black. You cannot be ahead of me.  In the 50’s and 60’s, there were not too many black people in high positions at many a bank, so the hassle was less, hence where our ancestors who were business minded were able to get loans to start business or buy real estate. The white managers knew that giving a loan to any deserving person was not a threat to them. In fact, they gained a client, a friend and cash flow.  Today, it is a power struggle to deal with our bankers.

“Let’s give the world the opportunity to respect us more as a people, especially since we know within ourselves that we are the ones keeping ourselves back, as black folks”

Change is required, a change from Mental Slavery to Mental progress.

  • Black men and women must be black, because there is an implantation of Black Beauty in every black man and woman.
  • Black men must be men, and not accept the subversion of black man hood. They have to become responsible citizens. The fact that they consider themselves minority is a very poor excuse, and an avenue to indulge in wrong doing such as their strong involvement in the illegal drug trade.
  • Black men and women must realize that one way of getting rid of the black race is by giving them all reasons to be locked up behind bars. Let’s just take a poll of black people behind bars combined to other races and cultures.
  • Black men should start to recognise their black sisters. There are many qualified, well-educated black women in the world. But they are either single parent or just single. Our society should empower our women.
  • Black love needs more respect. It is an issue where Black brothers don’t respect their black females.
  • Casual sex among black is a multi-billion annual addiction for blacks. Black folks have sex as they have food, as casual as the sun rises. With no thought of the consequences involved such as disease, unwanted pregnancy and father less children.  The latter being the result of so many young men having no planned future, no father figure in their life and a result of turning to crime. That then results in imprisonment.
  • Lastly, the lyrics to sings by some black artist and rappers is the most degrading. Again, the words demonstrate the lack of education on the part of the writer, but more so, the singer. It is time that blacks elevate from the gutters.

Dr. Rosie Milligan, the author of ‘Nigger Please,’ said that blacks need to learn to empower blacks and themselves economically.  We must take care of our own and stop portraying that we are the minority, stop being our worse enemy.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Joseph Doway is part of MoonBay Group, Jamaica.