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News Americas, BRASILIA, Brazil, Weds. Aug. 10, 2011: Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to hear about opportunities to expand economic ties between Canada and Brazil.

The PM on Tuesday joined business leaders from major Canadian companies who conduct business in Brazil for a roundtable to discuss business prospects between the two countries.

“I am here today to listen to and seek the views of senior Canadian business people so that our Government can further support them as they build commercial relationships in Brazil,” said the Prime Minister. “Increased opportunities in other markets, including Brazil, will translate into more jobs and a stronger economy for all Canadians.”

During the discussions, representatives from Canadian companies highlighted to the Prime Minister how Brazil is a strategic location for their global operations.

As part of the steps taken by the Government to facilitate trade and investment between Canada and Brazil, Prime Minister Harper also announced the opening of three new Visa Application Centres in Brazil, which will facilitate the process for Brazilians applying for Canadian visas and help make Canada a preferred destination for business, study and leisure. The three new centres – located in Brasília, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro – will open later this month.

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