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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 16, 2018: Canada has again updated its warning about travel to a Caribbean country because of high crime rates there.

The Canadian government this week updated its warning to nationals about Haiti because of high crime rates in various parts of the country and ongoing political and social tensions.

The warnings come as major protests are planned for this weekend in Port-au-Prince and elsewhere by several political groups.

Canadians are also again being urged to exercise a high degree of caution if travelling to Haiti and specifically warned to avoid any travel to the neighbourhoods of Martissant, Carrefour, Bel Air and Cité Soleil, in the Port-au-Prince area because “the security situation is particularly unstable and dangerous.”

Canadian authorities say the areas “continue to be dangerous areas due to criminal activity and local authorities’ lack of capacity to ensure order.”

They also warned that police presence is not guaranteed in these areas and the police are unable to respond in a timely manner to calls for assistance.

The Canadian government also warned about criminal activity in large centers in downtown Port-au-Prince, where armed gangs operate and a high level of criminal activity near Haiti–Dominican Republic border.

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