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By NAN Business Editor

News Americas, NEWS YORK, NY, Fri. May 4, 2018: Which  Caribbean nations have the most Internet users? Here are the Top 5 as of the latest data available:

1: Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic leads the Caribbean with the largest number of Internet users. Some 6.5 million of its 10.7 million people are online, or 57 percent of the population. Some 5 million are on social media while 8.8 million are mobile subscribers.

2: Cuba

Despite poor infrastructure and a slow connection, there are 3.2 million Internet users in Cuba or 32 percent of its 11.3 million population. 3.5 million are active social media users while some 4 million are mobile subscribers.

3: Puerto Rico

Ranking at third for the entire Caribbean is Puerto Rico, where 3 million of its 3.6 million population is on the Internet. That’s the highest penetration rate for the region of 83 percent.  There are also 2.2 million active social media users and 3.37 mobile subscribers.

4: Haiti

Right behind Jamaica is Haiti, where 1.6 million of its population are online. However, that is a mere 15 percent of its 10.9 million population. Some 1.9 million are social media users but a whopping 9 million are mobile subscribers, or 83 percent of the population.

5: Jamaica

Jamaica has 1.5 million Internet users, which is 56 per cent of the 2.8 million people living in the country. Of that number, 1.2 million are social media users but 3.1 million are mobile subscribers, meaning more than 112 percent of the population.

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