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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 30, 2022: Moving to a new country and starting your life from scratch is exciting and thrilling. However, when it comes to moving with your entire family, making this decision could be confusing and filled with doubts.

Honestly speaking, no one would want to take their family members and move to a place that’s not actually safe for them! With the rising problems and issues of homophobia, finding a safe place to relocate could be difficult.

The Caribbean is considered to be one of the most secure places across the globe. Safe from the issues of racism, homophobia, transphobia, and islamophobia, it turns out to be just the perfect place for residence.

Apart from this, compared to the other parts of the world, relocating to the Caribbean is quite cost-effective. You won’t have to break the bank and burn a hole in your pocket while becoming a part of the Caribbean citizenship by investment (CBI) program.

Some of the cheapest and most family-friendly Caribbean countries are as follows:

1.  Grenada – Most Suitable For Families

People planning to move their base with their families must look for family-friendly countries. Grenade is one such country that offers great economic opportunities and ease for families to reside in the new country.

One major reason why it’s a reliable option to go for is the rapid economic growth this country has been showcasing over the last few years. It also provides extensive employment opportunities to its citizens and new entrants. Hence, anyone who becomes a Grenadan citizen can easily get a new job!

Whether you are starting the initial citizenship process yourself or with family members, it will be quite cost-effective. It may begin with investing as low as $150,000. Within just three months, you would get citizenship.

Along with the benefit of living in a strong economy and holding a sturdy passport, having Caribbean citizenship does not require the applicant to have a residency to be eligible. It also allows dual citizenship while the income is not taxed.

Educating your children in the Caribbean is quite advantageous. This is because it lets students enroll in educational institutions offering commonwealth scholarships. This way, the overall cost of education reduces quite a lot. The citizenship by investment Grenada program surely is a great idea to opt for if you want to change the fate of your family for good!

2.  Dominica – The Most Affordable One

Moving to Dominica would be a good idea if you are done living at a very expensive place and now want to live somewhere you can save some money. It is one of the least expensive cities in the world to live a comfortable life with your family. This is why people are increasingly choosing the Caribbean countries to opt for permanent residence.

The best part about living here is that it offers the same benefits other Commonwealth countries get. If your family members love traveling, you can easily get visa-free entry literally anywhere among the listed 136 countries.

Alongside this, having a business here is quite lucrative. There are no extensive business taxes or additional payments on capital imports. You can easily have dual nationality and enhance your customer market.

Furthermore, seeking permanent citizenship in Dominica also doesn’t cost much. If you’re applying just for yourself, your invested amount will be around $7,500.

However, if you’re applying with your entire family, it might cost a little higher. For four people, it is somewhere around $200,000. Making investments in a Real Estate project that the government pre-approves will be the easiest route.

3.  Saint Lucia – Offers A Cheap Citizenship Process

Saint Lucia, another Caribbean country, is known for affordable living and a safe environment. It is worth shifting to for its pleasant climate, which its inhabitants love.

In terms of affordability, the country offers on-arrival visas for 184 nations. This means that if you want to head out for a quick vacation with your family members, you can easily do so without having to spend loads of cash.

The citizenship process in Saint Lucia is also one of the cheapest ones! What makes it worth going for is that there is no requirement of living on the land for some duration to make your permanent residency work.

Apart from this, you can buy real estate worth only $100,000 euros, which will let you have a property in the country. For a couple, this amount is around $165,000. The process also entails a due diligence part, which is quite lenient compared to other countries. You shouldn’t worry about this process if you have a clean criminal record!

Decide Upon A Caribbean Country And Make The Move

Taking part in the CBI process can lead to a successful career change and the opportunity to live in a new country. It could change your fate for good and help your family thrive in a better environment. Don’t miss out on this idea if you are looking for better possibilities in life!

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