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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. June 21, 2023: Expanding its repertoire beyond its signature beer, Red Stripe is diversifying its product range with the launch of two new canned rum cocktails — Rum Punch and Rum Mojito. Crafted to capture the essence of tropical enjoyment amidst the sizzling heat of summer, these beverages signal a significant step for Red Stripe into the realm of rum-based drinks.

Drawing from the Caribbean’s rich rum tradition, the new cocktails are infused with genuine Caribbean rum, delivering a taste that’s as authentic as it is refreshing. A blend of mango and lime juice is added to the mix, infusing the cocktails with a burst of tropical fruit flavors. The addition of all-natural flavors further enhances the tropical taste experience, offering consumers a sip of island paradise wherever they are.

This exciting venture marks a new chapter for Red Stripe, with the brand extending its market reach beyond its renowned beer portfolio. Beginning in the spring, consumers in Florida and select markets across the Northeast will be able to find Red Stripe Rum Drinks in local stores.

Each cocktail boasts an Alcohol By Volume (ABV) content of 5.9 percent, ensuring a balance of flavor and potency that’s sure to make your tropical drink experience one to remember. Packaged in sleek, slim 12-ounce cans, Red Stripe’s rum cocktails bring a sense of Caribbean luxury that’s easy to carry and perfect for social gatherings or a relaxing day at home. Get ready to elevate your summer refreshment game with a touch of Caribbean flair from Red Stripe.

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