Caribbean Artistes Salute Kamala Harris In Song

Jamaican dancehall star Flourgon remade his "We Run Things" song to salute Harris.
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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Jan. 7, 2021: Caribbean artistes are among those celebrating the meteoric rise of the US’ first Caribbean roots Vice President, Kamala Harris.

Jamaican-born dancehall star, Flourgon, who in January settled a USD 300 million lawsuit with Miley Cyrus for his 1988 Jamaican chart-topping hit single, ‘We Run Things,’ remade his song especially for Harris as he joined the recent Global Caribbean Inauguration celebration in her honour, presented by Invest Caribbean and the Caribbean American Action Network, (CAAN).

“Kamala Harris run things, things nuh run we,” sang the artiste, whose real name is Michael May. “Run The US and run it properly, everybody irie.”

Also remaking her 1994 song for Harris was reggae singer Nadine Sutherland, who was also part of the event. “Kamala come in with the action, not a bag a mouth,” sang Sutherland. “She clean when she step in a de White House.”

The song also says Harris is “like fine wine.”

Papa Michigan released ‘Reggae In The White House.’

While Papa Michigan, of Michigan and Smiley fame, dropped a new song in honor of Harris’ win and the history making achievement that is titled, ‘Reggae in the White House.’

“Reggae in the White House, everyone is welcome,” sang the Jamaican-born reggae singer, born Anthony Fairclough. “Reggae in the White House. Blowing up the roof tops.”

See all the performances here from the ICN Caribbean tribute to the daughter of a Jamaican and Indian immigrants, who declared in brief remarks: “I’m proud to be with you, as a vice-president elect with roots in the Caribbean.”