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BY ET Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. April 1, 2021: West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle is proving why he is known widely as the “UniverseBoss.” The Jamaican born star is showing he is multi-dimensional, adding recording artist to his resume.

Gayle has released “Wack we a Wack,” which shows is fun side while sending an important message and sharing a new dance move. The single was written by Gayle and his team, Camar “Flava” Doyles and Georvin Briscoe at Triple Century Records and focuses on cutting off those persons who don’t wish you well and are only there to use you because of who you are.

“We wanted a high energy dancing song that the people can move to and once we created the hook ‘Wack we a Wack,’ everything else just came together nicely,” Gayle explained. “There are persons around you that aren’t happy for you they are just there to use you and we don’t want no bad vibes or negative energy around us. Who not adding value to your life we a wack off the link.”

 Gayle also sees his newfound platform as an opportunity to share more with his fans and connect with them even more than he currently does as an award winning sports personality.

The song’s launch comes as 10CRIC has announced Gayle as their new brand ambassador. He will be the face of the brand for the next 2 years and it reinstates 10CRIC’s position as a leading cricket betting brand in India.

“We are over the moon with the fact Chris has agreed to promote our brand, we see in him the perfect match to represent the 10CRIC values – he is a winner, full of fun and always aims to please and surprise his fans,” the company said in a statement. “This is what 10CRIC is all about and we hope that through the image of Chris Gayle we will be able to introduce the brand to an even wider audience of cricket passionates looking to have fun while watching cricket.”

 See the video here

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