Call Her A Top ‘CryptoRasta’

Jah9, known as the first lady of neo-roots reggae, had the top selling Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the April-held CryptoRastas auction.
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By NAN ET Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. April 13, 2022:  A Jamaican reggae artist has just added top ‘CryptoRasta’ title to her long resume as a multidisciplinary artiste, producer, poet, yogi, social scientist and cultural curator.

Jah9, known as the first lady of neo-roots reggae, had the top selling Non-Fungible Token, (NFT), in the April-held CryptoRastas auction. According to VP Records, her rare avatar sparked a bidding war on OpenSea marketplace and eventually sold for 1.6 ETH or about US $5,567.

The 38-year-old Montego-born artiste was the only female among 10 international reggae artists whose generative art were included in the auction.

Jah9’s avatar was the only CryptoRasta depicting Ganja steaming, which is widely known as her preferred method of Ganja meditation.

Surpassing the closing sale price of Sugar Minott, Ranking Joe, AnthonyB, Jah Mason, Jesse Royal, Yaadcore and a few others, the auction was part of a limited edition of 200 avatars representing reggae celebrities and was Jah9’s first time participating in the cryptoverse.

An added value unique to the winner of Jah9’s specific CryptoRasta NFT, is now also the first to own one of her forthcoming Chalice Station NFTs, which is slated to drop on 4/20.

Chalice Station NFT owners will enjoy exclusive access to a “wellness community sharing knowledge of ganja’s meditative and medicinal properties via an ancient chalice steaming method, wholistic health experiences, economic empowerment and NFTs.”

Perks will include access to various wellness services, products, events, retreats, online workshops, yoga sessions and receive Jah9’s uniquely designed, all glass, ganja steamer.

Jah9s creative vision presented something extremely unique to the world when she emerged on the scene in 2010. She eloquently weaved potent social awareness and ganja advocacy lyrics onto savory Reggae rhythms, while also infusing wellness and yoga into her tour experiences—a combination in which Reggae music culture had never experienced.

With now 3 studio albums, numerous singles and over a decade of presenting her multifaceted gifts to eager crowds all over the world, Chalice Station is an all new WEB3 wellness community poised to become yet again Jah9’s new movement, with a ‘new name.’

Listen to Jah9 on VP Records Hardcore on Spotify.