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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Aug. 10, 2023: Two Caribbean American heritage home cooks, who made the finale of the THE GREAT AMERICAN RECIPE Season 2, were unable to seal the win as they lost Monday night to Jewish American Brad Mahlof.

Guyanese American Salmah Hack and Barbados heritage Lenna were both bested in the finale by Mahlof.

Hack, who lives in Orlando, FL, was born and raised in Richmond Hill, New York, the Queens neighborhood known as Little Guyana. For her final meal, she made the traditional Guyanese dish, pepperpot and served it with freshly baked plait bread. She also made cassava pone as the dessert. But while the judges, Graham Elliot, Leah Cohen and Tiffany Derry praised the pone, she lost points for her pepper pot as the cow heel was not tender enough.

Lenna Pierre is of Bajana heritage and lives in Norcross, Georgia. She says she learned how to cook from her mother, Pat, and her paternal grandmother, Felis. For her final meal, she presented oxtail with rice and peas, fried plantains, and sweet bread and sorrel. But the judges discounted points for an oxtail that needed to be more tender.

Mahlof, a home cook hailing from New York City, secured the win and bragging rights during the season finale on August 7. Drawing inspiration from his Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, Mahlof crafted a culinary style that resonated with his diverse background. With roots spanning Libya and Europe, coupled with his upbringing in New York, his dishes were a rich tapestry of Jewish flavors. For his final dish, he presented Mafrum with couscous, Israeli salads, and a fig upside down cake.

Zara Frankel, Senior Director of Programming and Development, General Audience Programming, expressed her excitement, noting the show’s popularity and impact: “Over three million people have viewed each episode of THE GREAT AMERICAN RECIPE, and Season 2 has garnered more than 600K full episode streams on PBS’s owned platforms and YouTube.”

She congratulated Brad Mahlof on his triumph and said she eagerly awaits the next season.

Steve Humble, Chief Content Officer at VPM, emphasized the show’s unique appeal: “What makes this series special is the way it lifts up and embraces America’s wonderful melting pot of cuisine.”

Jilly Pearce, President of Objective Media Group America, shared her enthusiasm for the upcoming season, promising more heartfelt culinary stories that bridge generations and continents.

For those captivated by Season 2, “The Great American Recipe Cookbook” is available, featuring Mahlof’s winning recipe alongside a collection of over 100 recipes, personal stories, and vibrant photographs from the cast, host, and judges.

THE GREAT AMERICAN RECIPE is co-produced by VPM and Objective Media Group America, an All3Media America company. The show showcases the varied tastes and traditions across the U.S., capturing the roots of America’s diverse cuisine. The competition is available for streaming on PBS platforms and PBS Passport.

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