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Usain Bolt , with British Royalty at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, gets ready to race today.

News Americas, GLASGOW, Scotland, Fri. Aug. 1, 2014: As the curtains get ready to close on the 2014 Commonwealth Games this weekend in Glasgow, the Caribbean medal count has reached 27 as of last night, July 31, 2014.

Jamaica is leading the regional bloc with a whopping total of 18 medals, seven of which are pure gold. The country also has four silver medals and seven bronze.

Jamaica’s gold medalists are Kemar Bailey-Cole for the men’s 110-m; Andrew Riley for men’s 110-m hurdles;  Rasheed Dwyer for the men’s 200-m; Stephanie McPherson for the women’s 400-m; Kailese Spencer for the women’s 400-m hurdles; Kimberly Williams for the women’s triple jump and  O’Dayne Richards for the men’s shot put finals.

Novelene Williams-Mills took a silver in the in the women’s 400-m while Veronica Campbell-Brown claimed a silver in the women’s 100-m. Warren Weir claimed a silver medal for the men’s 200-m while Alia Atkinson took a silver and a bronze, respectively, in the women’s 50-m and women’s 100-m breaststroke event.  Jason Livermore took a bronze in the men’s 100-m as Jamaica claimed all three top spots.

Trinidad & Tobago is next with four medals – two silver and two bronze.  Cleopatra Borel took silver for T&T in the women’s shot put finals while Jehue Gordon also claimed a silver in the men’s 400-m hurdles finals. Ayanna Alexander and  Lalonde Gordon  took bronze in the women’s long jump and men’s 400-m finals , respectively.

Grenada has two each, including the historic gold in the men’s 400 by Kirani James and Kurt Felix who took the bronze in the men’s decathlon 100-m.

The Bahamas also has two medals –a silver and a bronze. Arianna Vanderpool  won the silver in the women’s 50-m freestyle swimming finals while Jerry Gibson took the bronze in the men’s 400-m finals.

Barbados brings up the rear with one medal – a bronze that was won by Shane Braithwaite in the men’s 110-m hurdles finals.

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games features over 6,500 athletes and officials from 71 nations and territories. They have been competing in 17 sports over 11 days. The world’s fastest man, Jamaica’s Usain Bolt is recovering from foot surgery and so will compete only in the 4×100-m relay, heats which begin on Friday, August 1st. The three Friday evening heats are timed for 9.35pm, 9.43pm and 9.51pm with the sprint relay final being held at 2115 on Saturday night, wrapping up the athletics program.

The world’s top athlete has been caught up in recent days over a controversy in which The Times reported he said the  Commonwealth Games is ‘a bit s***’  But Bolt tweeted a denial

on his Twitter feed saying: ‘I’m waking up to this nonsense..journalist please don’t create lies to make headlines.’

The Times claim Bolt made the remark outside the athletes’ village on Tuesday.

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