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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY., Mon. Dec. 30, 2019: Over 1,800 persons have been murdered in just two Caribbean nations as of the 29th day of 2019, News Americas has found.

The two nations are Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, which continues to lead the region’s murder rate.

In Jamaica, the murder rate is at 1,303 with the latest being the murder of Radcliffe Burger, brother of Radio Jamaica disc jockey Wesley “Burgerman” Burger.

Burger, a decorator, was fatally shot on Saturday in the presence of scores of persons at the intersection of Duke Street and East Street in Kingston, Jamaica.

In Trinidad and Tobago, the murder rate is at an estimated 525 with the Boxing Day murder of Anthony Mohammed, the father of a 1-year old child.

That puts the combined total to 1,828.

2018 ended with 516 murders in T&T while 2018 saw 1,287 murders in Jamaica.

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