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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Nov. 4, 2021: Today marks the 19th day since 17 missionaries working with Christian Aid Ministries were kidnapped by the Haitian gang 400 Mawozo. They remain kidnapped in Haiti with no news from the FBI or the US government that it is any closer to finding them.

The Christian Aid Ministries says it continues to pray even as kidnappers killed a university professor after his family failed to pay the full ransom demand.

The gang leader has threatened to kill the 17, including children, if their $17 million ransom is not paid.

The political situation in Haiti remains extremely volatile. Numerous reports state that nearly half the country is under the control of gangs.

The Ohio-based group today released a statement saying: “Our prayer is that God would protect them and give them courage as they endure yet another day as hostages.”

They also sent a special note to the Americans and one Canadian kidnapped, saying: “We have not forgotten you and will continue to pray for God’s peace, the release of those being held, for all who are being held to be able to trust God, and for the hearts of the captors and others involved to be changed by the cleansing power in the blood of our precious Savior, Jesus.”

The group of missionaries were kidnapped on Oct. 16, 2021 and includes six men, six women and five children. They range in ages from an 8-month-old baby to a 48-year-old.

Last week, U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said President Joe Biden continues to be briefed daily about the kidnapping of the missionaries and noted that he was particularly concerned about the five children in the group.

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