A Street For Botham

South Lamar in Dallas is now Botham Jean Boulevard.

By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 2, 2021: This Easter weekend, a street that runs in front of Dallas’ Police HQ will carry the name of a Caribbean immigrant who was shot to death by a police officer.

A four miles portion of Lamar Street in Dallas, Texas has been renamed Botham Jean Boulevard in honor of the murdered Saint Lucian immigrant who was killed in his own apartment by police officer Amber Guyger in September 2018. A portion of the street also runs infront of the Dallas Police Department Headquarters.

The City Council had unanimously approved renaming the street in Botham’s honor about two months ago.

Mayor Eric Johnson said changing the name of a street is more complicated than it might seem. But, he said, the city is “honoring someone who is just as worthy — and, in my opinion, more worthy — than many of the names that grace many of the thoroughfares throughout the city.”

Present at the ceremony on Saturday, March 28th was the Jean family while St. Lucia Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Allen Chastanet delivered a video message.

“I want to say to the Jean family, while we cannot imagine your grief, your son has become a rallying cry for what cannot be ignored…the need for our systems to be equitable, transparent and just,” PM Chastanet declared, while adding that the Botham Jean Boulevard should serve as a daily reminder of what Jean stood for and the need to continue his journey.

“We want everyone to forever say his name but for this sign to be up here, that means he’s not with us. It’s hard for us,” Botham’s sister, Alissa Findley said.

Botham’s mother, Allison Jean, said the ceremony forced them to recall the night of the shooting.

“Immediately following his death, one of the things I said was that I want his name to be remembered. I wanted people to know who he was, what he stood for, knowing the way he lived his life — it was really unjust in the way he lost his life,” Jean said.

Guyger was convicted of murder in 2019 and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. She’s expected to appeal the case and has claimed she mistook Jean’s apartment for hers. She said she thought he was an intruder and shot him while he lay on his couch.