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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 3, 2020: A 27-year-old Miss Britain has beaten Premier Victor Banks for his seat in Anguilla.

Dianne Kentish Rogers, the 2018 Miss Universe Great Britain, beat Premier Victor Banks of the Anguilla United Front’s (AUF’s) for his constituency seat in the Valley South.

Kentish Rogers of the main opposition Anguilla Progressive Movement (APM), was among an APM team that won Monday’s general election in the British Overseas Territory. They won seven of the 11 seats, according to the preliminary results released here.

Kentish Rogers in 2018, became the first black woman to be crowned Miss Universe Great Britain in its 66-year history. She has a law degree and is a former athlete who competed in the Commonwealth Games twice. In 2010, she ran the 400 metres at the competition in India, before competing in the heptathlon at the 2014 Glasgow games. She first became involved in the pageantry world in 2017 as Miss Anguilla.

Dr Ellis Webster met with Governor Tim Foy on Tuesday morning to swear his oath as Premier. Kentish-Rogers was also sworn in along in were Haydn Hughes, Kenneth Hodge, Kyle Hodge and Quincia Gumbs-Marie.

“It is with deep humility and reflective gratitude that I’ve accepted the mantle to be your first elected premier. To the people of District 1 and the people of Anguilla I say thanks for the trust and confidence that you have placed in our team,” Webster said. “Indeed the best days for Anguilla are still ahead. This government is here to serve you. There are challenges ahead but together we will move forward with openness, accountability and transparency to build our nation proud, strong and free.”

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