This Antiguan Cultural Icon Is No More

Calypso Joe during a Sandals Antigua performance.
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News Americas, ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, Nov. 30, 2020: A Caribbean cultural icon from Antigua and Barbuda passed away over the weekend, much to the sadness of many fans.

Joseph ‘Calypso Joe’ Hunte died on Saturday, according to local news reports.

He leaves behind a legacy of music through his most popular nation building calypsos such as “A Nation to Build, a Country to Mould” and “A Tribute to VC.” Hunte will also be remembered as the winner of the country’s first road March competition 1970, with his hit ‘Bum, Bum.’

Calypso Joe was also a frequent performer at local hotels, often making appearances with his signature Hawaiian shirt, guitar and straw hat.