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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. May 17, 2023: The Bahamian police have provided an update on their ongoing investigation into allegations of sexual assault involving a sitting Member of Parliament. According to reports from Loop News, the police are still in the process of gathering evidence and finalizing their inquiries.

Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander also informed the Tribune newspaper that the investigation is progressing well. The investigators are diligently reviewing the case, ensuring that all necessary details are thoroughly examined before consulting with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) office. However, Commissioner Fernander did not provide a specific timeline for the completion of the police review.

The complaint was initially filed by an unnamed woman, reported to be the ex-girlfriend of the legislator, in Grand Bahama on April 7. She alleged that she had been subjected to rape, choking, and physical assault by the Member of Parliament whose name has not been released. Additionally, she claimed that the legislator had issued death threats against her and her family during their relationship, which left her in fear for her life.

In response to the allegations, the main opposition party, the Free National Movement (FNM), has called on the police to conduct a thorough investigation into the assault claims. Prominent women members of the FNM, including former senator Heather Hunt, have expressed their support for an aggressive and transparent investigation.

As the police continue their diligent efforts to gather all relevant information, the public and concerned parties await further updates on the progress of the investigation.

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