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News Americas, TORONTO, Canada, Fri. Dec. 8, 2017: A top Canadian fire chief is calling for Canada government officials to push local Trinidad officials to investigate the murder of a Trinidad-born, Canadian national.

Chief Brad Lemaich, of the Shelburne & District Fire Department, says the family of Vishnu Narine “is still struggling to get action from the local police in Trinidad” days after his Dec. 1st murder.

The 56-year-old Narine, of Brampton, his body was found on a gravel road last Friday after being shot during what police on the dual-island nation believe was a violent robbery.

So far, no arrests have been made in the case. Investigators told local media the victim was involved in the pet trade business and may have been meeting with a contact around the time of the deadly incident.

But Lemaich said via twitter that he has spoken with Canadian government reps. to ask for further assistance for the Narine family while in Trinidad.

“Apparently the murder of a Canadian tourist is not worth investigating,” he added.

Narine’s son, Randy is a veteran of the Shelburne Fire Department.

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