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News Americas, GEORGETOWN, Cayman Islands, Fri. Jan. 28, 2021: A motion of no confidence has been filed against McKeeva Bush, the speaker of the Parliament in the Cayman Islands.

Opposition Leader Arden McLean and an Independent legislator Ezzard Miller, on Thursday filed the no confidence motion calling for Bush to be ousted as speaker of the house. The motion, which was filed almost one month after Bush was convicted on three assault charges following an altercation at a local bar involving the female manager.

Last month, the Speaker was sentenced to two months’ imprisonment on each assault charge, to run concurrently, which was suspended for two years. He was also ordered to adhere to a curfew of 6pm to 6am (local time), Monday through Sunday, for two months and was fined US$700 for disorderly conduct.

However, it’s reported that efforts to remove Bush is highly unlikely. A no confidence motion needs two thirds of the legislators to support it to succeed, which means that if the motion is supported by the entire opposition benches, they will still need five people from government to join them.

Miller and McLean have said the refusal of the Government of National Unity to take action against their colleague was the primary reason for the motion.

“The Speaker of the Parliament is one of the most esteemed roles an elected member can hold under our Constitution. While it came as no surprise that Speaker Bush refused to resign despite his criminal conviction and suspended custodial sentence, I am surprised that Premier McLaughlin, as the leader of the Unity Government, refused to demand his resignation or take the necessary steps to remove him,” the opposition leader said.

Now that the motion has been filed, the presiding officer of the next sitting of Parliament will have to review and determine whether to approve the motion from the legislators.

Following approval, the motion will be placed before the business committee which will decide when the motion will be added to the order paper for debate.

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