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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 7, 2023: Given the headlines recently generated by Jamaican reggae star Ziggy Marley’s claims of discrimination by a local luxury villa in Jamaica, we asked Chat GPT Plus, which we are testing, to rewrite one of the reports in Jamaican patois. Here’s the AI take on the story.


Ziggy Marley, di son a di legendary reggae artist Bob Marley, did mek a big claim seh di luxury villa a Ocho Rios, Sea Salt, did treat im bad an diskriminate im caw im a Jamaican. Pon im Instagram, Marley did share im experience, seh dem neva did gi im di raspeck an tings wah im deserve as a guest a dem place.

Di pos’ weh Ziggy share did show a pic a di Sea Salt villa, an im caption did seh, “Mi neva did feel seh mi wud a face dis kinda diskriminashan a mi owna lan, but mi did get bad treatment an no raspeck fram Sea Salt Villa a Ocho Rios.” Ziggy did explain how di staff did gi im attitude an im neva did feel welkum.

But, Sea Salt neva did tek too long fi ansa back, dem did issue a statement a dem own fi clear di air. Dem did seh, “Wi wah mek it clear seh Sea Salt Villa nuh diskriminate gainst any guest, no matta weh dem come fram. Wi pride wiself pon di bestest kustomer service an welkum visitors fram all ova di worl.”

Di luxury villa did continue, “Wi a apologize to Mr. Marley fi any misundastandin dat did tek place an wi wud a luv di chance fi mek it right. Wi a reach out to im directly fi resolve di situation an mek sure im feel welkum an raspecked a wi venue.”

Di situation a draw mix reactions pon social media, wid some people a side wid Ziggy Marley an some a side wid Sea Salt Villa. Some people did seh dat di villa staff mighta did feel intimated by di Marley’s presence an mek some mistakes. Oddas did tink Ziggy did overreact an a di fuss a draw negative attenshan to di business.

As a now, di situation still nuh resolve, but di two sides a try fi work it out.

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