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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. May 11, 2020: While a large number of Caribbean countries seem to have smashed the COVID-19 curve, in seven nations yesterday, the number of coronavirus cases continued a steady uptick. Here are the 7:

1: The Dominican Republic’s cases showed no slow down as the country surpassed 10,000 cases yesterday, adding 465 new cases to reach 10,347 confirmed cases. Its death toll reached 388 as it reported 3 more new deaths.

2: Puerto Rico reported 17 more new cases Sunday to pass the 2,000 mark and reach 2,031 confirmed cases. It’s death toll also increased by 1 to 102.  

3: Cuba added 12 more new cases Sunday to reach 1,766 confirmed cases as its death toll increased by 1 to 77.

4: Jamaica added another 4 new cases Sunday to reach pass the 500 mark and reach 502, the most for any English-speaking Caribbean nation. The country, however, only has 9 deaths to death and has seen no new deaths in days.

5: French Guiana added another 3 more cases Sunday to reach 144 confirmed cases. But it only has 1 death, which has not increased in weeks.

6: Guyana reported another 7 cases Sunday as it moved past the 100 mark to 104 confirmed cases. The South American CARICOM nation’s death toll, however, remained at 10.

7: The U.S. Virgin Islands reported 2 more new cases to move its confirmed cases close to 70, at 69. It’s death tally also jumped to 5 Sunday as an elderly man who was on a ventilator machine at the Juan F. Luis Hospital died. The fifth coronavirus death comes five days following Governor Bryan’s “Safer at Home” plan, which took effect May 4th and allows non-essential businesses to re-open. Governor Albert Bryan also told the Virgin Island Consortium that his administration will allow reservations for hotels and other lodging services in the territory to reopen on June 1st.

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