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By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Jan. 4, 2022: The countdown has begun to the2022 Haiti Unity Summit by the Southern University Law Center.

The summit is set for January 13th to 19th at SULC to discuss solutions to Haiti’s political crisis.

According to a news release from SULC, the summit’s purpose will be to provide a platform for the political factions and Haitian Civil Society to negotiate a permanent solution to the political crisis and lay groundwork for a government of transition that will organize free and fair elections as soon as practicable.

“At the present moment, Haiti is in a state of discord; therefore, this summit presents the opportunity to reach a resolution that will bring peace to its political parties and citizens.” Said John K. Pierre, chancellor of the Southern University Law Center. “We are honored to host this summit and look forward to its outcome.

The Summit will be hosted with 2021 Haitian Diaspora Interest Group, an ad hoc group including the Haitian Medical Association, the Haitian Diaspora Federation, Haitian Diaspora Political Action Committee, Projet2Morrow, Coalition Des Organizations De La Diaspora Haitienne, Movement Patriotiques Des Haitiens Conscients, and in collaboration with GIPHADREC Haiti. 

Those on the summit’s invitation list include United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Madame Linda Thomas-Greenfield, and Congressman Gregory Meeks, the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee. Lt. General Russell L. Honoré (Ret.) will be facilitating the event.

Additional information about the summit can be found by visiting      

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